GrainAir Tubes

GrainAir Tubes are made of 18 gauge perforated galvanized steel. The Tubes come in telescoping eight foot sections and can be ordered with single (GT96), two (GT200) or three (GT300) sections to accommodate differed sized bins.

All these GrainAir Tubes come with a cap assembly.

Flat Bottom Bins

GrainAir Tubes work to cool your flat bottom bins and won’t interfere with your clean out operation either. By using a retractable base the system allows you to support the roof ring and GrainAir Tube while unloading. When you wish you do your final clean out, simply loosen the base set screw and retract the base into the GrainAir Tube, and out of the way of your sweep or vac! ¬†Lower base and tighten base set screw before filling your bin.

Hopper Bottom Bins

The GrainAir Tube system is also set up to work well in your hopper bottom bins. The square tubing cross brace runs across the hopper bottom and supports a magnetic base for the GrainAir Tube. This base helps support the GrainAir Tube and roof ring during unload and acts as a shear pin as the last of your grain empties from the hopper, preventing damage to the GrainAir Tube.

Quonset-Tube-1Grain Piles/Sheds

Using a Free Standing Base, you can use GrainAir Tubes to cool your grain stored in quonsets, sheds, grain rings or grain piles. Simply place the GrainAir Tube where you want it and fill your storage area.

The GrainAir Tubes can also be easily removed from the storage area when unloading as you simply unload to the base, tip the Tube and move it to the side.

Easy and effective grain cooling for all your storage needs.


Aeration Booster

The Aeration Booster is a GrainAir Tube with a cap assembly that can be hung above
full floor and tube aeration systems. This product is used to increase the release of moisture/heat, improve the convection, increase efficiency, and prevent crusting at the peak of these aeration bins.

Aereation Booster_burned


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