CrossFlow Aeration


We used the CrossFlow Aeration system on a 7,000 bu. hopper bottom bin and were amazed at the results. Using only a 3 HP fan, we dried our wheat from 15.5% to 13% in 36 hours. When we turned on the fan, air started blowing out of the grain everywhere. When we sampled the grain as we unloaded it we found it was consistent everywhere in both moisture and temperature.

We are extremely happy with the system and will be using it to dry grain through the rest of harvest.

CrossFlow Aeration is a revolution in grain aeration. By using horizontal air movement, the CrossFlow Aeration system cools grain faster and in less time while using smaller fans than traditional aeration systems.

The CrossFlow system forces air through the bin by using columns mounted on the inside walls of the grain bin. The air then moves horizontally to the GrainAir Tube in the center of the bin where heat and moisture are released.

By moving the air horizontally to the center of the bin the distance required for air to travel is drastically reduced. It also reduces static pressure and prevents over drying the bottom of your bin while soaking the peak as can happen with traditional aeration.

It’s simple and it is amazingly effective. The new CrossFlow Aeration system will blow you away.


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