About Gatco

The GrainAir Tubes really work and we can’t wait to hear your GrainAir Tubes success story!

The GrainAir Tubes are an innovative and extremely effective new way for farmers to cool, dry, and store their grain.

The system works on a very simple principle. Hot air rises. The perforated steel GrainAir Tube acts like a chimney in the centre of the grain storage, allowing the heat and moisture trapped in the grain an easy escape route.

This means cool grain, almost no spoilage and bugs, and most important, increased profit and peace of mind. Check our testimonial page to hear how it has worked for farmers across North America.

From the Inventor!

These Grain Air Tubes have saved my farm.

Seven years ago I was so frustrated with grain storage that I had my farm up for sale.
Grain storage was a never ending battle against bugs, heated canola and spoiled grain on top, making it difficult to remove the grain from my granaries.

I had heard stories of cedar posts being used in granaries to draw out moisture, and I knew there had to be a better way. That is when I came up with the idea of the tubes. It just made sense: the heat is always pushed to the centre of the granary, so putting a perforated pipe in the centre would just act like a chimney.

Now, every granary without a tube gets one immediately. A lot of my aeration bins have been changed over, and I rely on these tubes in my temporary grain rings and piles. I depend on these tubes to cool and dry my grain in all kinds of weather, hot & dry or cool & wet.

The GrainAir Tubes work!

Gary Schreiner, Farmer and inventor of the GrainAir Tubes

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